The Foodbarn

The Foodbarn arose out of a covid necessity – the need to supply local foods to a local market in an airy, healthy location.


The Foodbarn opened its doors (figuratively, there are no doors) in early December 2020. The main protagonists were Laurence of Soul Farm and Martin and Tom of Sailors Creek Shellfish. Quickly we were joined by Sophie who has done a brilliant job of marshalling the stallholders and getting the message out for others to join.

The whole point of the Foodbarn is to show that none of us has to bow to the hegemony of the supermarkets. We don’t need food that has travelled hundreds of miles (ok, bananas may be an exception), we can buy fresher food from local sources grown and produced in a regenerative and careful way.

There are over 25 stallholders on our list now, mostly young, all enthusiastic, honest, inspirational, talented.

Local food by and for local people. hurrah!

We live on a small and crowded island. We simply must reconnect people with the land and with artisan skills. Access to nature, production methods that boost biodiversity (and remind us that this earth belongs to all sentient creatures), skills that feed the mind and the soul as well as health for the body. This way our mental, physical and spiritual health will blossom. Any other way of life is sheer madness.

Opening Hours

The Foodbarn is open every Saturday from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm

Where To Find Us

Tregew Farm
Tregew Road
TR11 5UQ