November, 2023

You want to know how to fix the World? Ask a woman.

It’s taken far too long but at last, there is notable public disquiet at the state of our climate,  of nature and indeed of our economy and politics. There is a fair bit of flailing around, fuelled by the media who feed on the crises but mostly ignore or even dismiss the solutions, there is also widespread denial countered by despair, blame gaming and general dismay all of which is understandable but also utterly fruitless.

The thing is, we know there has to be a paradigm shift in the way we do everything and underpinning that an aching need for a holistic and wholesome philosophy that will carry us through the most difficult times. The wisdom and vision for such a shift is already openly attainable but is mostly ignored or dismissed by the media and our corporate power brokers and this is for two principal reasons – first that it threatens vested corporate and political interest and second that most of the best thinkers and problem solvers are women. To give just two prominent examples:-

The economist Kate Raworth. Mainstream economists still cling to the bizarre dogma that the key to a healthy future is infinite economic growth on a finite planet (yes, think Emperor’s new clothes). Kate Raworth’s insightful intelligence quickly gives the lie to this and posits the  reasoned and regenerative alternative in ‘Doughnut Economics”. Please read it and then tell everybody else to.

Vandana Shiva, the Quantum physicist turned agriculturalist and visionary thinker. Please follow the link to her Youtube video ‘Real Food, Real Farming’ and then delve into her considerable library of public lectures and interviews. This wonderful, wise and deeply humane woman will leave you feeling informed, invigorated and hopping mad!